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OpenWorks Demonstrate SkyWall100 to the Association of Personal Protection Teams


The APPS have acknowledged drones as a threat that needs to be taken seriously. A counter UAS working group share experiences and knowledge to ensure that the high profile individuals across the world are adequately protected.


A live SkyWall100 demonstration was provided showing the system safely capturing a number of drones in different scenarios. The first of which showed two drones being captured by one system in less than 25s. 


The highly mobile nature of the SkyWall100 system and the near silent operation matches well with the requirements of the personal protection teams. The physical barrier in the sky gives confident that security will not be breached. 

Minister of State for Defence Procurement visits OpenWorks Engineering

The Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Mr Philip Dunne MP, and Mr Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham, visited OpenWorks Engineering for a demonstration of the SkyWall100 portable drone defence system.

SkyWall 100 Demonstration Launch

The demo included the capture of a drone, brought safely to the ground using an SP40 projectile. After watching the demonstration and examining the system, Mr Philip Dunne congratulated the team on their ability to develop such an innovative product so quickly. Mr Dunne was traveling across the north east visiting a number of defence and engineering companies.

Mr Philip Dunne and Mr Guy Opperman visit OpenWorks Engineering

SkyWall100 at the Home Office Security and Policing Event

The OpenWorks team presenting the official launch of the SkyWall100 drone defence system at the Home Office Security and Policing event 2016.

Following the hugely successful online launch of the SkyWall100 product information, OpenWorks displayed the system at the Home Office event all week and received huge interest from domestic and international visitors.

The SkyWall100 system will be ready for deployment later in 2016. The demonstrator system is currently being evaluated by government authorities as the engineering team develop the system to a production state.


OpenWorks will be at Security and Policing 2016




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