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OpenWorks visited the US Naval War College in Newport, RI, to demonstrate how effective SkyWall net capture is at countering small low flying drone threats. A series of drone flights were conducted, after each capture, the target drone was untangled from the net and used for the next set of flights.


Further demonstrations have been provided in North America, Europe and Asia.

SkyWall300 is launched at DSEI


OpenWorks joined forces with Antmicro, a specialist engineering company based in Poznan, Poland, to exhibit intelligent systems for defence at DSEI 2017.


The two companies are working together to combine the unique SkyWall technology with Antmicro’s cutting-edge computer vision, artificial intelligence and embedded systems capability. 

SkyWall on show at DSEI in London in September

The OpenWorks team will be presenting the production SkyWall100 drone defence system and the SkyWall300 at DSEI in London September 12-15th.

SkyWall is a system that enables any security authority the ability to protect assets from the threats posed by drones. SkyWall100 is a man-portable, cost effective system that captures a drone in a net and then brings it to the ground under a parachute.

The latest SkyWall300 system will be presented alongside the long range net capture projectile, the SP40-ER, that will be capable of capturing errant UAS multiple kilometers away.

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