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SkyWall on show at DSEI in London in September

The OpenWorks team will be presenting the production SkyWall100 drone defence system and the SkyWall300 at DSEI in London September 12-15th.

SkyWall is a system that enables any security authority the ability to protect assets from the threats posed by drones. SkyWall100 is a man-portable, cost effective system that captures a drone in a net and then brings it to the ground under a parachute.

The latest SkyWall300 system will be presented alongside the long range net capture projectile, the SP40-ER, that will be capable of capturing errant UAS multiple kilometers away.

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OpenWorks has continued to provide high quality operator training courses. Training has been delivered in the UK and at end-users facilities in North America.


SkyWall100 operator training consists of classroom and field lessons. Trainees learn the basic operation of the system before running through scenario-based drills to gain proficiency and confidence in the system and their ability. Training can be completed in as little as two days with no prior experience needed.


OpenWorks was invited to participate in the Adaptive Red Team Evaluation in downtown New Orleans. This provided a rare opportunity to give live demonstrations of SkyWall100 in a representative inner-city environment.

SkyWall100 was operated at the Superdome, Lafayette Square, City Hall and the Cruise Terminal. The deployment of the onboard parachute ensured a known outcome for the operator.

The event included night time operation demonstrating the SmartScope’s ability to track drone targets in low light conditions.