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SkyWall100 on display at SECON 2017 in South Korea

SkyWall100 was on display in South Korea as OpenWorks continue working in partnership with STX, South Korea's leading counter-UAS solution provider.

SkyWall100 was presented as part of a full end-to-end counter UAS system on the STX stand at the SECON exhibition. A range of technologies for drone detection and neutralisation was on display to the visiting delegations, representing the security needs of industrial and national infrastructure and law enforcement.

Boram Kim, Assistant Manager of the STX team, commented "we had a very fruitful exhibition at SECON 2017, especially with a great attention to SkyWall100. People have shown a great interest in this new technology".

OpenWorks is excited to be working closely with such a proactive organisation, STX is continually pushing to pull together the best counter UAS products and technologies to ensure their customers have access to the most capable and appropriate solution to their security scenario.


SkyWall100 is evaluated in the JIDO Hard Kill Challenge

Representatives from a number of US military groups witnessed the SkyWall100 system in action at the JIDO Hard Kill Challenge event, held in the desert of the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, USA.

The system was tested against a range of fixed wing and multi-rotor threats in operationally relevant scenarios. After the initial baseline tests proved the advertised performance capability the test team pushed SkyWall100 beyond its limits to really see what it could do.

Many drones were captured in a SkyWall net before being brought to the ground safely under the SP40 parachute. The captured drones were then returned to the test team for re-use in the competition.

The SmartScope tracking system was further evaluated by simulating target tracking for the next SkyWall projectile to be made available, the SP10 net only device. With this lighter and faster projectile, SkyWall100 is capable of capturing faster moving targets at greater ranges.


SkyWall100’s performance during this evaluation further proves the maturity and readiness of the system for operational use.

SkyWall on show at Counter UAS in London in May


The OpenWorks team will be presenting the production SkyWall100 drone defence system and the latest information on SkyWall300 and the extended range projectile at the Counter UAS event in London May 23-25th.

SkyWall is a system that enables any security authority the ability to protect assets from the threats posed by drones. SkyWall100 is a man-portable, cost effective system that captures a drone in a net and then brings it to the ground under a parachute.

The latest SkyWall300 system will be presented alongside the long range net capture projectile, the SP40-ER, that will be capable of capturing errant UAS multiple kilometers away.

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