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OpenWorks Appoints Non-Executive Directors

The management team at OpenWorks has formally appointed three non-executive directors.  Each brings their experience and skill sets from impressive and lucrative careers, providing the management team with invaluable advice and insight; creating a broad and balanced board.  The three non-execs had been regularly providing support to OWE since mid-2016 and had become regular attendees at board meetings – it was decided to formalise their roles in recognition of their contribution.

Tony Trapp MBE

Dr Tony Trapp MBE (Non-executive Chairman)

Dr Trapp MBE has been instrumental in the formation and success of the subsea technology industry in North East England having been a co-founder of Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), the founder of IHC Engineering Business and more recently Osbit Ltd.  Dr Trapp’s experience of growing entrepreneurial start-ups into valuable businesses brings real value to OpenWorks.  He is also a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Andrew Scaife

Andrew Scaife (Non-Executive Director)

Having left his position as head of corporate finance at KPMG, Andrew joined Quantum Pharmaceutical as Finance Director.  Following a management buyout, he became the CEO and led the region’s largest ever IPO on AIM.  Since stepping down from his CEO position Andrew has decided to apply his finance, strategic and managerial skills across a broad range of companies through a series of non-executive roles.  In addition to his work at OWE, Andrew is the Non-Executive Chairman at Realsafe Technologies Ltd and Honcho Market Ltd.

Terry Courtney

Terry Courtney (Non-executive Director)

During Terry Courtney’s time as the Finance Director at Pearson Engineering Ltd, Terry oversaw the growth of Pearson’s turnover from £4m to £220m.  Following the successful completion of a £250m export contract to the US Government (for which Pearson was awarded the Queen’s award for enterprise), Terry took early retirement.  Terry now supports a number of charities through his pro bono work as a director.  As well as his charitable work, Terry is a non-executive director at Osbit Ltd.

OpenWorks Expands into a New Office


Following the successfully launch of the SkyWall100 counter drone product, OpenWorks has kept up an energetic pace of new product development.  This has meant growing the team to support the ongoing SkyWall100 activities alongside the innovation of new and exciting products.

This rapid growth has necessitated moving to a larger office – on the 20th February, OWE moved to its new headquarters at Stocksfield Hall.  The new facilities not only provide room for continuing growth but also a secure workshop space as the team start work on larger engineering projects such as the automated counter drone system, SkyWall300.


Over the next few months, OpenWorks is expected to secure a number of government contracts in Europe and North America, cementing SkyWall100’s position as the world’s leading physical C-UAS system.  These will also support further growth and allow the company to continue to build on the incredible success since the foundation of OpenWorks in 2015.

SkyWall is trialled at a US Government desert test site

SkyWall100 was subjected to a week-long trial in the desert at the National Nuclear Security Association test site in Nevada.  During the trial a government employee was given training on how to use the system.  After only 1 day of introductory training, the new operator was able to capture drone targets with a high probability of capture at ranges over 100m.

As well as capability, reliability and environmental testing, the trial also covered operational scenarios such as the speed of deployment from within a response vehicle and night-time capability.

SkyWall is equipped with a SmartScope to reduce the skill level required to operate the system.  Neil Armstrong, the Engineering Director at OpenWorks, was providing support during the trial and reported ‘it was great seeing guys being able to pick up the system and use out of the box in this way – this demonstrates that it really is a point-and-shoot device’.

SkyWall100 will be on trial again in the US in March at the JIDO Hard Kill Challenge and also at the Adaptive Red Team Counter UAS evaluation in downtown New Orleans, demonstrating how the system can be used in urban environments.