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SkyWall is trialled at a US Government desert test site

SkyWall100 was subjected to a week-long trial in the desert at the National Nuclear Security Association test site in Nevada.  During the trial a government employee was given training on how to use the system.  After only 1 day of introductory training, the new operator was able to capture drone targets with a high probability of capture at ranges over 100m.

As well as capability, reliability and environmental testing, the trial also covered operational scenarios such as the speed of deployment from within a response vehicle and night-time capability.

SkyWall is equipped with a SmartScope to reduce the skill level required to operate the system.  Neil Armstrong, the Engineering Director at OpenWorks, was providing support during the trial and reported ‘it was great seeing guys being able to pick up the system and use out of the box in this way – this demonstrates that it really is a point-and-shoot device’.

SkyWall100 will be on trial again in the US in March at the JIDO Hard Kill Challenge and also at the Adaptive Red Team Counter UAS evaluation in downtown New Orleans, demonstrating how the system can be used in urban environments.

Merry Christmas from the OpenWorks Team


What an incredible year 2016 has been, it's difficult to reflect on the incredible progress our fantastic team has made. Christmas offers an opportunity to reflect on 12 months of exciting engineering!

Our world leading counter drone technology SkyWall has matured into a brand all of itself. SkyWall100, the highly mobile shoulder launched net capture system, has won competitive trials and been deployed to protect the president of the United States of America. The system is now on sale and will be on display at a number of evaluations in 2017.

Our engineering team has grown to support our commitment to investment in research and development. Alex Williams recently joined us with a background in Mechatronics and Andrew Teasdale will shortly join the team bringing with him a wealth of experience in the development of control systems. Marjan Boudenoodt joined us to support the ever growing customer relationships.

Our SkyWall300 automatic net launching system has continued to develop and subsystem demonstrations have been performed, 2017 will see the first full system demonstrations!

Our range of SkyWall projectiles has expanded and offers capabilities to suit both homeland security and military requirements.

We're looking forward to another incredible year!

SkyWall100 counter drone system is deployed to protect ministers during international peace negotiations in Hamburg

SkyWall100 counter drone systems were deployed again during international peace negotiations in Hamburg earlier this month. This follows the use of SkyWall100 during the recent visit from the President of the United States of America to Berlin in November.

During the meeting of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) SkyWall100 was deployed in strategic locations. Working alongside other counter drone technologies, SkyWall100 provided a high level of protection for the 57 visiting foreign ministers from OSCE member states.


The recent operational deployments demonstrate how the unique SkyWall100 capability can provide protection from drone threats for a range of close protection scenarios.