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SkyWall300 Demonstrated at AWE18

A unique, autonomous drone defence system, SkyWall300, is demonstrated at the Army Warfighting Experiment event in the UK.

OpenWorks and Antmicro combine industry-leading technology to create a unique drone defence system.  Named SkyWall300, the system provides a unique capability to security authorities around the world, offering a safe method of defending against drone threats.

SkyWall300 was successfully demonstrated at the first round of the Autonomous Warrior - Advanced Warfighting Experiment in March 2018. The system was shown automatically tracking several targets with high precision, prior to engaging and capturing on the command of the operator.

OpenWork’s SkyWall technology allows for the long-range, physical capture, of drones.  The drone is tangled in a specially designed net and lowered to the ground under a parachute. The SkyWall300 development builds on the proven SkyWall100 handheld drone capture system which is operationally deployed with law enforcement groups across the world.

Antmicro’s machine learning and neural-network based computer vision technology is used in SkyWall300’s tracking unit and provides feedback to OpenWorks’ turret control system.  This allows drones to be tracked with very high accuracy and pinpoints the target with a laser to measure range.  The OpenWorks turret also controls the launching system such that the only human involvement needed is the capture command.


The SkyWall300 system is designed to provide an autonomous tracking and capture capability which can be integrated with any detection technology to create an end-to-end counter-drone system.

SkyWall300 on show at Countering Drones in London in April

The OpenWorks team will be presenting the production SkyWall100 drone defence system at the countering drones conference in London April 17-19th.

SkyWall is a system that enables any security authority the ability to protect assets from the threats posed by drones. SkyWall100 is a man-portable, cost effective system that captures a drone in a net and then brings it to the ground under a parachute.

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SkyWall100 is operated by US Marines at the U5G 2018

SkyWall100 was put through its paces at the Urban 5th Generation Marine, Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) held at Camp Pendleton, Southern California.

The handheld net capture system was operated by serving US Marines during operational exercises, simulating the urban battlefield. A series of drone threats were being used by the opposing force and SkyWall100 was used to defend airspace and ensure covert operations and freedom of movement was maintained.

SkyWall100 was deployed alongside electronic countermeasures to provide a layered defence, offering physical protection when drones penetrated the airspace. The system was operated so successfully, the opposing force started targeting the SkyWall100 operator; thanks to the mobile nature of the system SkyWall100 was able to stay operational throughout the exercise.

Marines gave immediate positive feedback on how easy the system was to operate. Many potential concepts of operations were discussed, including the deployment of SkyWall100 in strategic positions to help maintain the security of vulnerable points (VPs) once they have been accessed by expeditionary forces.


This event was completed over 6 days, at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, hosted by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test & Evaluation.