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OpenWorks' team of engineers is available to support your project, whether you require a complete solution with manufacturing or simply limited hours support.


Our engineers have experience in designing equipment for the most demanding applications. With over 30 years of systems design for the defence and oil and gas industry, there’s no doubt we will exceed expectations in both technical performance and timescale.

Concept Development

Our Engineers pride themselves on being inventive and innovative from the core.

We have spent our time creating incredibly successful concepts to meet stringent customer specifications, we can strip a problem back to fundamental principles and free ourselves from the burden of precedence.


Rapid response to meet our customer’s needs sets us apart from the competition. A prototype can never be delivered too quickly and timing can often make the difference between success and failure.

Prototyping is a regular feature in many of our projects. We can take our concepts straight from CAD to the latest 3D Printing methods (SLS, SLA, FDM, DMLS) or use one of our trusted local machining or fabrication suppliers.

System Design

The OpenWorks Engineering team is unique, capable of developing fully engineered systems without needing to involve external specialists.

Our systems are always fit for purpose and care is taken to ensure simple solutions are our prime objective. However, we can easily change tempo and have delivered complex safety critical products used across the globe.

All of our engineers have experience developing mechanical systems with integrated control. Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuation can be seamlessly coupled to the appropriate human interface. We work with all grades of steel and aluminium including specialist alloys. Previous projects have included both 7000 series aluminium and Armox 500T steel.

We have extensive experience designing fabrications and machined components for use in extreme conditions. We can design to cold/high temperature, corrosive high vibration environments.

Software, to provide independent or integrated operation, is part of our service which gives our customers the ability to continually develop their products into market leaders. Our engineers are capable of programming Assembly, C, C++, C#, Python, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, CodeSys.


We offer consultancy for short and long term projects, drawing on our expertise across all markets.

Alongside our Systems Design capability, we provide support to customers who benefit from our problem solving skills. We can help troubleshoot mechanical system failures, structural failures and control system anomalies.

We also have experience writing Project plans, Requirements, Specifications, Test Plans, and Safety Assessment Reports (SAR).

We adapt to work with our customers, we can provide our expertise on an hour by hour basis or consider a project from start to completion.

OpenWorks Markets

The OpenWorks team have experience in a range of industries and the ability to apply lessons learned across boundaries

Security & Counter Terrorism

Our extensive experience in the military market allows us to offer a unique service to the Security & Counter Terrorism industry.

Just like the military, threats to security evolve and adapt at great speed, the response from industry must endeavour to maintain equal pace. We understand this and we position ourselves as a small reactive group to ensure we do.


British Engineering has a proud history in the development of rail technology. OpenWorks can support the wealth of engineering activities that happen around the world as technology continues to push the boundaries of rail efficiency and safety.

Our managing director previously led product development and engineering for a tier one supplier, delivering to the international rail network.

Energy And Power

Our ability to deliver solutions to the most challenging problems, in incredible timescales, makes us an ideal fit for the fast paced energy and power industries. Working with the oil and gas engineering network on products such as resilient subsea power and control systems ensures our designs promise high availability and reliability.


The OpenWorks team has extensive experience designing agricultural equipment such as excavators, dozer blades and ploughs. Mechanical design and electro-hydraulic control capability enables us to provide complete turn-key solutions.


The industrial engineering sector benefits from rapid problem solving and modern engineering techniques.

We can draw on our experience gained in designing mobile hydraulic and pneumatic control systems to offer high quality system design services.


Our team have over 30 years of experience developing products for use in the military, ranging from ultra lightweight un-manned air vehicles (UAVs) to heavyweight armoured vehicles.

Our engineers have designed mechanical systems with pnuematic, hydraulic and electrical control that have seen active service in recent operations such as KFOR, OIF and OEF.

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