SkyTrack Challenge: Did you find the target?

Here’s the technology and inspiration behind our recent adverts for SkyTrack.

Did you find the drone target in the image?

SkyTrack would have found the target within 40ms using the latest generation of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Scroll to the bottom of this news story to see where the targets are….

The threat level of targets flagged by primary sensors is quickly assessed by SkyTrack and smooth, high-resolution video imagery of the target aids decision making, but only generates an alert if the threat is real.

False positives from primary sensors distract from the mission and frustrate the operator leading to cognitive fatigue. SkyTrack brings the latest academic research in AI to intercept target alerts, classify the potential threat and smoothly track the target – alerts are only passed on when a genuine target is present. The resulting detailed imagery helps commanders assess the threat posed and even shows suspicious payloads to allow optimised tactical decisions and prioritisation for the commander.

SkyTrack’s AI blends image processing and predictive motion control to smoothly track fast-moving targets. The result is clear images that allow accurate threat assessments and informed decision making.

SkyTrack brings seamless C2 integration which is simple to implement with a well supported Software Development Kit (SDK).

If you’d like to know more about SkyTrack, please contact one of our team for further information.

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