SkyWall 300



The proliferation of cheap and easy to fly drones has triggered a rise in the number of incidents where the safety and security of individuals and facilities has been compromised. They have infiltrated the security of heads of state, delivered contraband into prisons and photographed private film sets and celebrity's property.

Key Features

  • Physical Drone Capture - no electronic countermeasure, predictable outcome
  • Proportionate Response
  • Long Range Net Capture
  • Can be integrated for full autonomy
  • Very low collateral damage risk
Cost Effective

Integrated With Command And Control Systems

SkyWall300 can be used as a standalone drone capture system but can be integrated with a drone detection and security system to offer a highly capable and easy to operate counter drone solution.

Automatic Operation


A single operator can control the SkyWall300 system remotely. The onboard target tracking system reduces the workload on the operator to allow quick decisions to be made.

Civil Drone Defence

Civil Drone Defence

Near silent operation makes the system ideally suited to public use. Automatic parachute deployment for safe return to ground and minimal collateral damage. Rapid reload time allows for engagement of multiple drones.

Physical Capture


Safe recovery for forensic analysis and evidence. Defend against all types of aerial drone, now and future. Zero RF or GPS interference in urban environments.

Smart Scope


The onboard targeting system enables the system to have a Very high capture rate by adjusting the launcher aim based on the movement of the target. The projectile is programmed prior to launch.

SkyWall300 is an automatic system that can physically capture a drone in a specifically designed ‘drone entangling’ net. It uses compressed air to launch a projectile up to the target drone after the system has automatically identified and tracked it.

SkyWall300 can be used as a standalone drone capture system but can be integrated with a drone detection and security system to offer a highly capable and easy to operate counter drone solution.

A single SkyWall300 system can protect a small area and multiple systems can be networked and deployed to protect a large site.

Case Study

SkyWall protecting Air Force One

SkyWall 100 deployed to protect US president in Berlin

Multiple SkyWall100 counter drone systems were deployed during a visit from the President of the United States of America to Berlin.

This operational deployment demonstrates how the unique SkyWall100 capability can provide protection from drone threats for heads of state while in mobile and urban environments.

The SkyWall100 system allows operators to physically capture any suspicious drone and bring it to the ground safely, without raising alarm in the surrounding area or causing collateral damage.

SkyWall100 was deployed in strategic locations, working alongside other counter drone technologies, to provide a high level of protection for President Barack Obama and the visiting delegation.

The best way to neutralise a drone is to physically intercept it. This neutralises any type of drone, whether flown manually or autonomously. SkyWall gives you a physical barrier in the sky. The system can be rapidly reloaded, allowing multiple drone threats to be engaged by a single operator.

“While many encounters are not malicious in nature, they underscore the potential security vulnerabilities that could be used by adversaries to leverage [drones] as part of an attack”

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

SkyWall Projectiles can carry a range of counter measures. The SP40 includes a parachute which controls the descent of a captured drone. This minimises the risk of any collateral damage and keeps the drone intact. It allows forensic investigation and enables identification of the operator. If the drone eludes capture, the projectile deploys regardless and controls the safe descent of the tethered components.



Net Deployment

40mm Compatible

Net with Parachute

81mm Compatible

ECM Jamming

Net/Parachute Payload

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