Modular Camera Systems

High performance electro-optical systems optimised with mission specific capabilities

Beyond Vision

+ Reduces the False Alarm Rate and distraction with integrated systems

+ Full HD daylight and medium wave IR camera for effective targeting in all light conditions

Vision Flex can be used in static installations, on vehicle platforms or rapidly deployed on a tripod in less than 5mins for temporary missions.

+ Well maintained Software Development Kit (SDK) allows system integrators to rapidly incorporate not only SkyTrack but the whole SkyWall family of products. SAPIENT, PELCO and other standard interfaces are available.

+ The latest advances in hardware and software control are combined in a rugged package to provide exceptional value for money

Vision Flex provides the highest performance surveillance, tracking and classification capability available, for use on static, mobile and un-manned systems. Vision Flex cameras are highly configurable and can be used with built-in twin-AI modules or 3rd Party classifiers and trackers.

Vision Flex is easy to integrate through standard interfaces and has a range of plug-and-play optical modules and upgrades to allow it to be configured easily to suit each mission or site.

HD daylight EO and cooled thermal MWIR sensors are available, from 275mm to 900mm focal length, allowing the ideal sensor to be selected and cost minimised.

Autonomous operation is made possible with AI modules embedded inside the optical units, offering fast AI target classification, tracking and false alarm rejection. AI built into both EO and IR units allows simultaneous Edge-AI processing.

Autonomous Operation to Reduce Operator Input & Cognitive Burden

High performance electro-optical system optimised with mission specific capabilities
Compatible with built-in and 3rd-party AI classifiers and trackers