Deployable, Configurable Surveillance

Portable and configurable autonomous forward observation and covert surveillance systems

Deployable Configurable Surveillance

+ Easy to use and fully autonomous to reduce operator burden with AI classification and ID of targets

Fully or semi-active configurations are available, using radar, RF and Acoustic sensors

+ Single back-packable configurations

+ Quick to deploy surveillance capability. Can be battery powered with a simple interface and semi-auto site setup

+ Add other sensors/effectors via the AI-powered fusion unit. Multiple systems can be networked together

+ Open Architecture allows the system to become a sensor as part of a multi-sensor system – Interfaces available: SAPIENT/ATAK/FAADC2. Wireless network compatible due to onboard processing and low bandwidth requirement.

Vision Guard is a highly configurable, autonomous, portable and deployable platform that provides automated alerts with AI detection and classification.

It can be configured with combinations of active and/or passive sensors to suit the mission. Detections and alerts are streamed out to a handheld tablet or other systems via the standard interface, SAPIENT, Asterisk etc.

Product variants include Vision Guard Radar + Acoustic which provides portable autonomous multi-sensor detection-and-classification system for covert surveillance. Vision Guard Radar is a lightweight portable autonomous detection-and-classification system for covert surveillance. Vision Guard Acoustic is a portable passive detection-and-classification system for covert surveillance.

+ The Frontline of Defence
+ Configurable 4D Surveillance
+ Flexible & Deployable Surveillance Technology
+ Autonomous Frontline Sensing
+ Unparalleled Sensing Versatility
+ Maximum Operator Efficiency, Cutting Edge AI

The Vision Guard cameras are arranged to provide a clear 112°x 56° daylight ultra-high resolution colour panorama image

Stabilised ultra-high speed & positional-accuracy optical tracking & fire-control systems
High performance electro-optical systems for all applications