Autonomous Vehicle Drone Capture


Skywall Captures Drones & Protects

+ No electronic countermeasure
+ Predictable outcome

+ Automatic system that can be remotely operated
+ Vehicle mount

+ Multiple targets engaged rapidly
+ AI computer vision tracking

+ Controlled descent using a parachute
+ All projectile parts remain attached
+ Targeted counter-measure aiming and release

SkyWall Auto Response is a vehicle mounted autonomous system that rapidly captures multiple targets in accurately delivered nets. This vehicle mounted capability can cover a large area and be remotely operated.

It can be used as a standalone drone capture system or be integrated with a drone detection and security system to offer a highly capable and easy to operate counter drone solution. A single SkyWall Auto Response system can protect a high-value asset or multiple systems can be networked and deployed to protect a large site.

SkyWall Auto Response launches a projectile up to the target drone after the system has autonomously acquired and tracked it using world leading edge AI technology. The launching system is hidden under covers to remain discrete until required, then it is automatically deployed.


SkyWall Auto Response deployed to protect world leaders at the G7 summit in Germany

As leaders from around the world visited the G7 meeting in Germany, the continued use of drones in the Ukraine conflict proves the threat from drone attack is ever present. SkyWall Auto Response was deployed as part of the security architecture and successfully protected the G7 Summit from unauthorized drones.

SkyWall Auto Response is a vehicle mounted solution that can rapidly capture multiple targets in accurately delivered nets. The build in AI-powered optical tracking system uses EO and IR cameras with automatic targeting to lock onto any incoming drone, allowing the operator to make a threat assessment with high quality imagery and engage if desired.

Field Evaluations

Watch evaluation of SkyWall Auto Response’s tracking and engagement against fixed wing and multi-rotor drones