Stabilised Tracking Systems

Ultra-High Speed & Positional-Accuracy Optical Tracking & Fire-Control Systems

Ultra-High Positional Accuracy Dynamic Targeting Performance

+ 40kg positioner + 50-60kg payloads

Optimised compact design ensures the system suitable for small vehicles and turret systems

+ Highest performance vs cost ratio on the market

+ One interface – all configurations and optical units become plug and play. Standard interfaces are available, including SAPIENT

+ Highly modular system allows LRUs to be upgraded, replaced and repaired quickly and easily

Vision Pace combines the latest optical technology with direct drive, low friction director to provide best-in-class performance for stabilised target tracking of highly dynamic targets.

Vision Pace optical systems are highly configurable, lightweight and compact, and can be used with built-in twin-AI modules or 3rd Party classifiers and trackers.

OpenWorks Vision products are used in CUAS, Air Defence and surveillance, targeting, sensing and tracking missions, ideally suited to Fire Control and vehicles, vessels and UGVs/USVs. All of the standard products have been developed to be easily integrated.

The standard OpenWorks products can be modified to enable advanced customer specifications and end-user capabilities to be achieved. Examples include mounting sensors or effectors onto a Vision Flex platform or support for the development of a custom vehicle installation of Vision Pace On-the-Move (OTM).

+ Maximum Performance for Stabilised Operation
+ Ultra-High Positional Accuracy
+ Direct Drive, Low Friction
+ Microradian Stabilisation

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Stabilised Ultra-High Speed & Positional-Accuracy Optical Tracking & Fire-Control Systems

Portable & configurable autonomous forward observation & covert surveillance systems
High performance electro-optical systems optimised with mission specific capabilities