Net-Capture System Skywall Patrol is deployed in SPAD’s CUAS Mission

OpenWorks Engineering has a proud history of rigorous support for their end-users. Recently, we have been in France supporting SPAD – France’s Anti-Drone Platoon, with their deployment of net capture system SkyWall Patrol in their efforts to combat hostile drone threats at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Since the founding of OpenWorks, SkyWall Patrol has assisted numerous CUAS missions globally. The handheld net-capture system allows the user to physically capture a drone with low-collateral damage risk.

The capability of SkyWall Patrol to deploy net capture, enables evidential forensics on the drone, and stops the target permanently. Contrast this to Jammers, which can cause the target to ‘return to home’ into hostile hands. Furthermore, its straightforward application can be used in environments where electronic countermeasures cannot be facilitated.

SPAD have deployed SkyWall Patrol alongside Jammers and additional technology to create the ideal integration of CUAS measures. As shown in this French news article, this amalgamation of multiple CUAS technology provides proficient defence from a drone attack.

Unfortunately, the threat of drones to public safety continues to grow, and OpenWorks is proud to be able to support our customers in tackling this persistent threat.

At the heart of an “anti-drone” brigade training before the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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