Vision Flex CUAS Tested at CPNI CORE

The Vision Flex CUAS system was tested at the CPNI CORE event in the UK against a range of UAS targets.

CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) launched CORE (Counter Unmanned Aerial systems Capability Optimisation Research Environment) as a result of a request from C-UAS vendors to provide an environment to conduct R&D, and ensure continued regular engagement with industry. From the 26th September to the 7th October, the CPNI test site, test fleet and test facilities were made available to the industry.

During the testing, Vision Flex CUAS was able to autonomously “detect” and “classify” multiple types of drones. The team received positive feedback on how intuitive the user interface was and the benefits of the situational awareness display.

Vision Flex CUAS, autonomous camera system designed for C-UAS and air defence.
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