CNI Technology Solutions Open House onboard the historic HQS Wellington

The CNI Technology Solutions Open House was an event organised by 360 Vision Technology Ltd, an informative technology seminar programme, delivered by experts from across the security industry. Drone and radar detection, video surveillance, access control, perimeter detection, and vehicle as a weapon were covered during this open house.

360 Vision produces high quality security systems using outstanding technical expertise and extensive security industry experience.

At the event James Cross, director talked about our SkyAI which turns any camera system into an autonomous sensing module. Available in a range of software and hardware configurations. SkyAI uses the latest developments in deep-learning neural network classification. Smooth accurate long-range tracking as well as fast and responsive short-range tracking is achieved using motion control embedded within the AI. False alarms from primary sensors are rejected, reducing operator distraction, and targets can be tracked against complex backgrounds with robust performance that doesn’t lose the target

More information on SkyAI
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