European Police Test Vision Flex CUAS Tracking System

In February we travelled for 2 weeks around in Europe and organized demonstrations with end users and integrators. The focus was on demonstrating The Vision Flex CUAS camera system with the SkyAI.

Vision Flex CUAS provides the highest perfomance tracking and surveillance capability in an easy to integrate package. Featuring HD daylight and the latest HD infrared sensors coupled with powerful dynamic drive systems.

Vision Flex CUAS can autonomously lock on to fast manoeuvering targets and keep the track when mounted on moving platforms. Vision Flex CUAS can be integrated into existing command-and-control systems and be used to cue up effectors. An eyesafe laser range finder is also available, allowing Vision Flex CUAS to provide highlyaccurate 3-dimensional coordinates, and trajectory prediction, of a tracked target

More information on Vision Flex CUAS
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