SkyWall Patrol is Operated by EU Member States

Project Skyfall, the EU Internal Security Fund supported project, ran a 3-day train-the-trainer course on C-UAV.

SkyWall Patrol was operated by law-enforcement officers from 17 EU member states at a training facility in Belgium. Drones were captured across two training events held in September and October, where the system was operated in combination with an electronic jamming system.

OpenWorks has worked closely with the team from Belgium who coordinated the project which started three years ago. The Antwerp local police and Brussels Capital Ixelles local police together with Belgian federal police and Jandarmeria Romana have not only made progress in studying the threat of drones and assessing C-UAV solutions, but have also developed an operational capacity within the Belgian local police.

The built-up knowledge and expertise is now shared with law enforcement representatives from across the EU. OpenWorks continues to work closely with law enforcement and military groups from around the world to help mitigate the threats posed by drones.

More information on SkyWall Patrol
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