Army Demonstrates SkyWall Patrol at a NATO Exercise

Portable net-capture was demonstrated during NATO TIE at Vredepeel Airbase, The Netherlands.
Technical Interoperability 2022 (TIE22). 13 – 23 September 2022

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency has conducted NATO’s live-testing C-UAS exercise Technical Interoperability 2022 (TIE22).The exercise was held between 13 and 23 September, the counter-drone exercise included more than 250 participants along with 90 visitors.

TIE22 supports NCI agency’s efforts to assess and develop machine learning and AI-based counter-UAS technologies that can detect unauthorized drones to safeguard the airspace of NATO allied and partner nations.

The SkyWall Patrol, our handheld drone capture system, is a well-developed product and is deployed across the whole world since 2016. It provides a handheld capture capability that far exceeds the performance of any other available system. It is a compressed air-powered launcher with a built in targeting system.

Not only was the SkyWall Patrol demonstrated during the event, the new Vision Flex CUAS camera system was introduced, our twin AI-powered autonomous camera systems designed for C-UAS and air defence. Vision Flex CUAS provides the highest performance tracking and classification capability available, specifically designed for dynamic air targets with a range of upgrades available such as AI built into both EO and IR units for simultaneous Edge-AI processing.

Vision Flex CUAS, autonomous camera system designed for C-UAS and air defence.
Learn more about Vision Flex CUAS
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