SkyWall Auto Provides Low Collateral-damage Defeat for MBDA

MBDA launches Team Sky Warden at IDEX, to offer an integrated and highly capable C-UAS solution to the military and security forces.

SkyWall Net Capture is selected to provide UAS defeat with low collateral damage risk and without the need to use electronic attack.

The Sky Warden system manages the full C-UAS kill chain from detection to neutralisation and is designed to operate both as an integrated component in a layered air defence architecture, or in a stand-alone configuration. Sky Warden can be vehicle mounted or dismounted.

OpenWorks is proud to be working with the Sky Warden partners to provide a flexible and capable C-UAS capability with MBDA. There will be more announcements coming through 2021 as the system will undergo live demonstrations across Europe.

More information on SkyWall Auto Response
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