SkyWall is trialled at a US Government desert test site

SkyWall100 was subjected to a week-long trial in the desert at the National Nuclear Security Association test site in Nevada.

During the trial a government employee was given training on how to use the system. After only 1 day of introductory training, the new operator was able to capture drone targets with a high probability of capture at ranges over 100m.

As well as capability, reliability and environmental testing, the trial also covered operational scenarios such as the speed of deployment from within a response vehicle and night-time capability.

SkyWall is equipped with a SmartScope to reduce the skill level required to operate the system. Neil Armstrong, the Engineering Director at OpenWorks, was providing support during the trial and reported ‘it was great seeing guys being able to pick up the system and use out of the box in this way – this demonstrates that it really is a point-and-shoot device’.

SkyWall100 will be on trial again in the US in March at the JIDO Hard Kill Challenge and also at the Adaptive Red Team Counter UAS evaluation in downtown New Orleans, demonstrating how the system can be used in urban environments.

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