The Release of SkyWall300 at Security & Policing 2019

It was just over three years ago when OpenWorks first released SkyWall100 to the world at Security and Policing. Since then law enforcement agencies across the world are now using SkyWall100 to protect airports, VIPs and critical national infrastructure.

OpenWorks used this year’s Security and Policing to release the SkyWall300 automatic drone capture system. SkyWall300 has already undergone successful testing with the US military using the prototype and the system is now on sale with the first deployment expected before the end of this year. Delegations from around the world were impressed with SkyWall300’s ability to capture a drone with the push of a button.

OpenWorks and Antmicro believe that combining SkyWall300 with Antmicro’s edge AI and computer vision expertise will provide the most capable solutions in a range of scenarios. While this is currently being proven through the automatic tracking and capture of nefarious drones, the opportunities to exploit the capabilities for other security missions is clear.

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