The Royal Netherlands Army evaluates the SkyWall Patrol

The Royal Netherlands Army are using the SkyWall Patrol, our net capture system – here are some of the direct comments from the end user.

Gunner-1 Job is an operator in the C-RAM platoon of 13 Air Defense Battery of the Defense Ground-Based Air Defense Command.

“It has a laser range finder that measures how far an unmanned aircraft is. The system calculates itself from which angle the shooter should fire. It really gives you a kick when you see such a drone come down helplessly.”
“The Skywall is brand new. We have only just received the MB plus trailer in which it is transported. I think it’s very special to have this weapon in my hands for the first time. The great thing about the Skywall is of course that you really fight drones with it, actually remove them from the air.”
“Two colleagues went to England especially for the training. They are now training the rest of the pack. First you shoot with practice projectiles, without net and parachute. At the barracks in Vredepeel, we have a firing point specially made for us with an enormous aluminum frame. That’s the place where you see exactly what your hit image is. You then adjust your visor based on that. Only when you have done all that can you also shoot with sharp cartridges.”
More information on SkyWall Patrol
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