UK Soldiers Operate the SkyWall Auto in Italy During a NATO Exercise – NNTEX-2C

NNTEX-22C was a NATO Non-Lethal Technology Exercise (NNTEX-22C) at the PISQ military base in Sardinia.

The exercise, held during 14–24 March, tested the neutralisation of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) using non-kinetic counter-UAS (C-UAS) capabilities.

Remote-control weapons, a hacking system, a high energy laser, and a net-gun and a net-drone were trialled during the exercise. Our autonomous net capture system, SkyWall Auto was part of the exercise as net capture is a non-lethal and low-collateral damage CUAS capability. SkyWall physical net capture can be deployed in conjunction with electronic counter-measures as part of a layered defence and in environments where electronic attack cannot be deployed.

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