Groundbreaking results at CORE CUAS Research Event

OpenWorks Engineering achieved OTM (on-the-move) autonomous slew-to-cue with the sensors mounted on different vehicles at the National Protective Security Authority CORE CUAS research and development event in February 2024.

OpenWorks provided autonomous optical system Vision Flex for the research event hosted by the NPSA and were extremely satisfied with the results gained from the test. Two vehicles were operating independently, one with a camera system and one with a radar system, and autonomous slew-to-cue on target was achieved with a wireless link between the platforms.

Camera system, Vision Flex, successfully received cueing information, initiated a track, and maintained track on-the-move, even when UAS targets were momentarily obscured by foreground obstacles.

While this success was an overriding theme for the research week, the event provided an opportunity for teamwork and to widen research and development in CUAS and tracking technology.

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