Vision Flex Proves High-Performance EO/IR At NATO TIE 23

The new Vision Flex optical system was tested at the NATO Technical Interoperability Exercise (September 2023).

NATO TIE 23 brought together civilian and military specialists, as well as industry participants to test counter-drone technologies to make sure different systems could communicate and work together instantly.

Vision Flex participated in numerous “Performance Challenges” throughout the NATO test schedule, all of which it excelled in. The main objective of the test event was to test and demonstrate how the SAPIENT standard could be used to minimise the effort when combining sensors (Radar/RF/EO-IR), to create robust CUAS system – with Vision Flex, providing autonomous optical-targeting.

OpenWorks are proud to say the Vision Flex system was successfully connected to all C2 systems and provided autonomous (without operator input) target handover from radar and RF tracks to close optical tracking. Not to mention, rigorous slue-to-cue capability.

Technical Director Alex Wilkinson said:

“Vision Flex is our latest autonomous optical capability, and to see it providing the highest performance tracking with simple integration at NATO TIE23, is something that OpenWorks is extremely proud of. Vision Flex’s quick integration using SAPIENT, as well as other systems can contribute to the air security of Allied and Partner Nations, while reducing cost and time to deploy.

OpenWorks was proud to be able to support NATO in this exercise (and work closely with industry partners). The team enjoyed lots of interesting discussions surrounding existing and new projects for Vision Flex.”

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