OpenWorks Engineering Hit the Top 50 in a Report of Fastest-Growing Businesses in the UK

In a report produced by The Syndicate Room, we were proud to feature number 48 in the UK’s top 100 fastest growing businesses in the UK. OpenWorks featured heavily in the report with an interview given by Chris Down, Managing Director.

OpenWorks is growing from strength to strength, our unique and innovative drone capture system, SkyWall, is already being used across the globe by a number of government authorities, militaries and private security organisations to provide close protection to the likes of airports, major infrastructure and even world leaders at summits.


2019 saw the launch of SkyWall Auto Response, a vehicle-mounted autonomous system that rapidly captures multiple targets in accurately delivered nets, alongside growing relations with Antmicro in conjunction with our Artificial Intelligence drone target tracking. 2019 also saw the SkyWall Patrol training courses for various military and government organisations across the world, qualifying the most new operators in one year. The team has moved into a new production, testing & training facility and pushed SkyWall systems to new limits with the French Army. A significant moment for OpenWorks in 2019 was receiving the backing of new investors, including the North East’s Adderstone Group, enabling us to increase our capacity.


Chris summed up the values of OpenWorks in this report with one sentence:

“Pride is what motivates me most − pride in the people I work with, pride in the products we create and pride in the response from our customers. I believe we create the best products in the market, we punch above our weight and we always deliver on our promises, no matter what it takes.”

You can read more about us in the report below from page 52

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