SkyWall100 becomes SkyWall Patrol, and is more capable than ever

SkyWall100 has been deployed in a range of environments since it was released in 2016, including airports, critical national infrastructure and urban sites; offering the longest-range net-capture defeat system in the world.

At Milipol 2019 in Paris, OpenWorks will relaunch its innovative handheld drone capture system with its new name, SkyWall Patrol.

The rebranding of the operationally deployed system to SkyWall Patrol is about more than just a name, it signifies the commitment by OpenWorks to continue developing the world’s most capable handheld net-capture systems. Continually offering new upgrades and performance improvements, the SkyWall Patrol range will provide the ideal solution for a wide range of end users, from law enforcement to military.

The SkyWall Patrol systems will make use of all the latest developments in SkyWall Projectile technology and the ability to be integrated into complete counter-drone systems.

More information on SkyWall Patrol
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