SkyWall100 is Cued to Target By Guardion and Robin Radar

SkyLink, the module that allows SkyWall100 to be integrated with end-to-end C-UAS systems, was successfully tested with the GUADION solution.

ESG and Robin Radar provided the UAS detection, classification and tracking capability, utilising the ESG Taranis® command and control system and Robin radars ELVIRA®, a purpose-built UAS detection radar.

The SkyLink module allowed detection and command data to be sent to the mobile SkyWall100 launcher, while the location and status of the launcher was reported back to the command and control system. When the UAS threat was detected, an alarm was activated on the SkyWall100 system and the bearing of the target was immediately visible on the SkyLink unit.

This allowed the operator to quickly prepare for an engagement before using the launcher’s built-in SmartScope that directed the operator to rapidly find the UAS in the sky using arrows displayed in the eye-piece.

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