Vision Flex CUAS is Tested Against Tactical UAS and Air Defence Targets

Vision Flex CUAS, the latest autonomous twin-AI camera system has been tested at the air defence ranges in the UK.

The system was tested alongside other CUAS electronic defeat systems and radars, proving it can track tactical UAS targets out to 10km. The system was tested against the Banshee air-defence target and the Tactical Desert Hawk 3 UAS, using EO and IR sensors. Once detected, the system locked on and closely followed the targets during maneuverers without the operator input.

The Vision Flex CUAS system is an EO/IR optical tracking and classification system.  It can be networked with other sensors to provide a fully autonomous slew-to-cue classification and tracking of dynamic-aerial targets, using buit-in AI. It reduces the cognitive load on CUAS-system operators, reduces the number of operators required and provides industry-leading optical tracking of targets to provide the best ‘eyes on’ view of the target for positive-ID and threat analysis

Vision Flex CUAS, autonomous camera system designed for C-UAS and air defence.
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