OpenWorks Develops an Adaptive Latency Filter and Deep Learning Training UAS Dataset

As OpenWorks delivers the first SkyAI modules to European customers, details about its latest advances in artificial intelligence are released; with an all-new adaptive latency filter and a further development of its neural network training dataset, based on real UAS imagery in a range of environments. OpenWorks can now enable high-performance optical detection and tracking for a range of low-cost IP cameras, with minimal or no installation testing.

The SkyAI module has recently undergone further testing on a range of PTZ hardware and the video released today shows new footage of targets being autonomously detected after an automatic slew-to-cue. False alarms, in this case birds, are shown being rejected instantly by the real-time classifier.

The camera being used in the new footage is the low-cost Axis 6215-LE and is hands-free operation with no input by the system user. Further testing announcements, including new PTZ hardware, are coming soon.

The filtering techniques are embedded within the motion control elements of the SkyAI module and allow OpenWork’s industry leading autonomous detection, classification and tracking module, to offer high-performance C-UAS capabilities to a wide range of low-cost IP camera systems.

Andrew Teasdale, Senior Engineer at OpenWorks, said:

“It’s a really exciting time to be developing the latest technology in computer vision which has real world applications in C-UAS and air defence. Operators require autonomous systems that reject false alarms from sensors without operator input or even awareness. They need to provide high-quality information to allow a threat and risk assessment to be made without UAS expertise. Letting SkyAI take control of your camera system gives you that.”

In order to offer such high-performance control of commercial systems, OpenWorks has developed a range of unique techniques and implementations of the latest academic research in computer vision. In the coming weeks, further information will be released on the enhanced capabilities that will be available to customers this summer, with even more autonomy coming.

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