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SkyWall100 counter drone system is deployed to protect President Barack Obama in Berlin

SkyWall100 being used to protect Air Force One

Multiple SkyWall100 counter drone systems were deployed during a visit from the President of the United States of America to Berlin, earlier this month.

This operational deployment demonstrates how the unique SkyWall100 capability can provide protection from drone threats for heads of state while in mobile and urban environments.

The SkyWall100 system allows operators to physically capture any suspicious drone and bring it to the ground safely, without raising alarm in the surrounding area or causing collateral damage.


SkyWall100 was deployed in strategic locations, working alongside other counter drone technologies, to provide a high level of protection for President Barack Obama and the visiting delegation.

OpenWorks and DIT & EST deliver SkyWall100 Operator training to European Special Police

A team of special police officers became the first to complete the SkyWall100 operator training course last week.

Training was delivered by OpenWorks engineers with the assistance of military personnel from the Department for International Trade (DIT), Export Support Team (EST).

The first SkyWall100 systems were shipped in October and the successful delivery of an operator training course demonstrates the readiness of the system for operational deployment.

A series of classroom and field lessons were provided to ensure new trainees could safely handle and operate the SkyWall100 system. Training projectiles provided a cost-effective way of getting each operator comfortable with firing the compressed air powered system. Each new operator fired a small number of live projectiles during the final lesson. All trainees demonstrated a high level of competency when capturing drones in a range of scenarios.

Countering Drones Conference 06-08 Dec 2016

 Countering Drones Conference

The OpenWorks team will be exhibiting their award winning SkyWall100 drone defence systems at the Counter Drone Conference in London on the 7th and 8th December 2016.

Following the successful pre-production deployment of SkyWall100 in November, the OpenWorks team will be at the event to present the latest technology developments and exciting plans for 2017.